Paquete Panamá 4 Noches - Ciudad y Playa / BM Tours
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Paquete Panamá 4 Noches - Ciudad y Playa / BM Tours

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Criado: terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2021
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Criado: terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2021
destinos: Panama , Playa Bonita
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Transporte de Guayaquil para Panama
Copa Airlines Copa Airlines - CM300
6:14 AM - Guayaquil, Jose Joaquin De Olmedo Intl (GYE)
8:24 AM - Panama City, Tocumen Intl (PTY)
2h 10m 1 PC Direto
Voo: CM300
Classe : Economy
02 dez.
1. Panama
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Sobre a cidade : Panama City is the capital of Panama. It is a very cosmopolitan city, with a modern and western vibe but proudly displaying its Hispanic and Indigenous roots. In recent years, Panama City has become an important hub of international commerce and banking. It can satisfy every interest since there are various museums, very nice restaurants and lots of places to dance and have fun in the evening outings. Panama City has a Picturesque and interesting Casco Viejo or Old Town filled with wonderful colonial architecture. El Casco Viejo is a charming neighbourhood, ideal for walking around its historic streets with beautifully restored colonial architecture, its churches and squares, its nice cafes and restaurants that mingle well with the remnants of old times. The Cathedral, the Interoceanic Canal museum, the History Museum are around The Plaza de la Independencia, the city’s main square. A lot more churches, museums and historical buildings are found in this area just a few blocks away from each other. The Palacio de las Garzas, where the President of the country lives, is two blocks to the north. On the east side there is Plaza de Francia and the beautiful walkway called Paseo de las Bovedas, with great views of the city. The amazing Panama Canal, considered one of the greatest engineering marvels in the world, is, undoubtedly, the one big draw of all tourists who come to the city. Growing, inviting, exciting, lively and sleepless, Panama City is the most cosmopolitan and vibrant capital in Central America.
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Padrão Coche (Carro)
  • Tempo de espera máximo: 60 minutos
03 dez.
The Best of Panama: City, Canal and Shopping
The Best of Panama: City, Canal and Shopping
Full day Tour
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Transporte de Panama para Playa Bonita
Sem o transporte selecionado
04 dez.
2. Playa Bonita
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Sobre a cidade : Playa bonita a unique destination, where you can get to know its beaches, the tropical forest, the mountains and the city, the closest beach to Panama City and that truly lives up to its name, Playa Bonita is perfect for a special romantic vacation and family vacation worth remembering.
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06 dez.
Transporte de Playa Bonita para Guayaquil
Copa Airlines Copa Airlines - CM468
3:14 PM - Panama City, Tocumen Intl (PTY)
5:25 PM - Guayaquil, Jose Joaquin De Olmedo Intl (GYE)
2h 11m 1 PC Direto
Voo: CM468
Classe : Economy

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